Hello, I’m Dr Simon Wade, Welcome to my website

I am an Expert Locum GP and I Help Doctors Better Themselves.

Dr simon Wade I have been in general medical practice in the UK for 20 years, sixteen of those as a full time partner in practice and the last 4 years as a locum / sessional GP.

I have helped over 30 practices in that time and have done GP locum work for over 10,000 hours, so I have mastered this sub-specialty and am now an expert.

Helping Doctors…

I regularly get asked for help and advice from younger doctors just starting out in their careers, as well as older doctors looking to leave partnership or salaried posts and do some sessional work as a career change.

It’s a pleasure to see the changes I can help them with.

Working as a sessional doctor does not have to be stressful or worrysome, with insecurities about ongoing work, as some people fear.

… Flourish and Thrive As A Sessional Doctor

You can and deserve to flourish and thrive – not just survive – as a sessional doctor.

You can have an Abundant life, Rich with Freedom, Choice and Profits.

Do you know anybody who might benefit from the results I have achieved for others?

If there is anything I can help you with, Do Get In Touch, I’d love to help you…

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